A few of the most common religions amongst the innumerable ones are Hindu, Islam, and Christianity. The holy books followed by these major religious communities are for the Hindus the Bhagwat Gita, for the Muslims Koran, and for the Christians the Holy Bible, among other religious material here

. There are a number of Hindu religious books like the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, and more, but the ultimate is the Gita. The availability of religious books online is generally not restricted nowadays for most religions. The popularity of the afore-mentioned religious books mirrors their popularity online; hence, some religious books are more easily found online than others.

The availability of Hindu religious books online is really a great boon for the followers of this religion, as is also the case with the followers of other religions whose sacred books are also present online. The Bible is another sacred book that is available for the followers of the Christian community. The other major benefit of having these religious books online is that any follower of any religion can read and understand the beliefs of other religions. This, in a large way, increases harmony among people of different religions. It can be argued that the presence of religious books online helps in the spreading of peace and harmony among all religious communities throughout the world. This in itself shows that all people follow different paths as a religion, but ultimately, the goal is the same, and that is reaching the divine deity. If all human beings stand by and believe what Mahatma Gandhi said, the world would be a peaceful place with great communal harmony.

The presence of religious books online also has, in a way, helping those persons who are involved in the study of hierographology.

The study of sacred texts from extinct or functional religions is called Hierographology. Hierographology also involves the comparison of the various religious texts. Online libraries have opened up the world of religion by making these religious books available for study as well as reference. Without the online libraries today, a lot of people would not have had access to these religious books. Religious books online have provided an avenue for the everyday person to be a heirographologist at some level. In today’s global society, it could be argued that religious anarchy, at its root, has been caused by a lack of understanding of other competing religions.

With information comes understanding, and with understanding comes tolerance. Perhaps the availability of religious books online will bring an increased understanding of other religions, and if not an acceptance of other religions conceivably, it will at least promote tolerance of their common co-existence. — poggies.com —