New: A Sermon Series
At the beginning of each new year, we resolve to do it better than the year before. We design a new meal plan to shed those extra pounds. We vow to have a new attitude towards life, so we are not so cranky and grumpy all of the time. We promise ourselves that we are going to do it better this year than we did the last. But here is the reality, no matter how well we start out on our quest for a new beginning, by February many of us have failed in our new year’s resolution or are exhausted and ready to quit.

Thankfully, Jesus knows that and that is why he comes to make all things new in our lives. Through his Word, he promises to make us new.

In this new sermon series, we will take a deeper look at how Jesus gave the people of his day a new outlook on life and how he continues to do the same for us in a way that only he can.

February 3—New Authority
February 10—New Life
February 17—New Love
February 24—New Purpose
March 3—New Vision

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